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November 2009

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daemonraz in bardscastrating

All the world's a stage~


Name: Raz
Gender: Male
Age: Below America's authorized drinking age, which still doesn't get me turning down open glasses. ;P
As a reminder, have you gotten around to voting on everyone else yet? Natcherly. There are none. @_@


What are your strengths? I've got a naturally flippant-seeming personality, but I am in fact quite intelligent and resourceful, capable of subtlety as well. I've got excellent taste and a uniquely flavorful chaaarm~ I'm affectionate (you know - where appropriate XD) and playful, and though it's rather rare that I do so, when I find myself getting close to someone, I do truly bond with them, and I'm surprisingly good at aiding others in managing their feelings when I listen. I am also graceful and potentially tricky, with an optimistic disposition. To counter the pessimism of certain people I'm around. ;3 I'm thoroughly proud of and confident in myself, wouldn't have me any other way.
Your weaknesses? I am utterly snobbish, vain, self-centered, and sometimes materialistic, all facts I'm sure I've made very clear by now. X3 I'm full of myself, I'm a drama queenking, I can get wrapped up in my own little world. My sense of humor borders on the inappropriate at times (oh, who am I kidding, it more than just borders. XD It can be outright perverted), I don't know when to stop talking or let up, it can be hard to tell whether I'm joking or dead serious. I'm obviously a quirky one, which can sometimes put people off. And I can't let up on my shameless girlish flamboyance, but ah, I think it can double as a strength. ;3

Your likes? Relaxation, the dark, sweet food, milk tea, theater and acting, cool weather, scarves, sleeves, accessories, feminine clothing, joking about, enjoying life, indulging myself, randomly breaking into song or dance, striking poses, attractive females, gorgeous scents, sights, and sounds.
Your dislikes? Being bossed around, when there is absolutely nothing to do, awkward silence, confusion, shameless bullies (never nice, children ;P), too much work to do, not having a moment's peace, having to deal with something that just doesn't interest me, blinding light, hot weather, too much noise, general inconvenience.

What do you do with your spare time?
How about some random skills you pride yourself on? I'm graceful with a lurvely voice~ ;3

How's your sense of humor? Very well, thank you, he doesn't necessarily mind his manners and speaks up at occasionally unfitting times, but he's a healthy and active lad. ;P
What animal would you compare yourself to? Heh~ Either a raccoon or some sort of bird. X3
Describe yourself in one to three songs. Use any criteria you like - maybe the lyrics suit you, maybe it sounds or feels like you, maybe it reminds you of something or someone, but so long as they have personal importance.

1. Androgyny by Garbage -
"Behind closed doors and under stars
It doesn't matter where you are
Collecting jewels that catch your eye
Don't let a soulmate pass you by

Boys in the girls' room
Girls in the mens' room
You free your mind and your androgyny~"

2. Must Get Out by Maroon 5 -
"I've been the needle and the thread
Weaving figure-eights and circles round your head
I try to laugh but cry instead
Patiently wait to hear the words you never said
Fumbling through your dresser drawer,
Forgot what I was looking for
Try to guide me in the right direction
And making use of all this time
Keeping everything in sight
I close my eyes and listen to you crying

I'm lifting you up
I'm letting you down
I'm dancing till dawn
I'm fooling around
I'm not giving up
I'm making your love
This city's made us crazy
And we must get out."

3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon by Queen -

"I go off to work on Monday mor~niiiing...
Tuesday I go off to honeymooooon...
I'll be back again before it's time for sunnydown
I'll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon!

Bicycling on every Wednesday eeeve~niiiing...
Thursday, I go waltzing to the zooooo~...
I come from London town, I'm just an ordinary guyyyy...
Fridays, I go painting in the Louuuu~vre...

I'm bound to be proposing on a Saturday night,
I'll be lazing on a Sunday
Lazing on a Sunday
Lazing on a Sunday afternoo~n!"

I do tend to use these three for the sheer sake of consistency. X3 It's tempting to use this one, but I don't know which of the above I'd replace with it~


Are you...
An optimist or a pessimist?
Optimistic. I tend to be surrounded by pessimists, so it's just as well. XD
A romantic or a realist? I try to be practical, but I'm ultimately a romantic. X3
A leader or a follower? I love to be listened to, and to be free. But otherwise I'm for the most part fine going with the flow. If I must follow, though, I can find myself breaking rules or overstepping my boundaries literally without thinking. X3
Extroverted or introverted? Extroverted.
Cheerful or melancholy? I tend to be rather upbeat. XP
Bold or cautious? Not foolishly so, I know when to be cautious, but I tend towards bold. XD Particularly socially.
Lucky or... well, not? *shrugshrug* I don't think about it all that much~ Unless it gets me hit by a bus, I can't say I mind my luck either way.
One of the heroes or a plain-dealing villain? "I happen to be... a HERO." *strikes a pose* I just do think of myself as a good person. ;3 I may come across as detached, maybe even sleazy under the wrong circumstances. XP But I know right from wrong and will act on it.


If the lives of you and everyone connected to you were a Shakespearean play... ...then I'd be a comic side character who would entertain himself by entertaining and flourishingly try to make the most of his chances to steal the show. XD

How do you tend to act around your friends? My unadulterated self. X3 Rather playful and chatty, though I don't think myself overbearing, tossing in a joke whenever there's opening for one. XD I like us to enjoy ourselves whenever we're together. I'm always glad of it when we have a chance to do something a bit bigger than just hanging around chatting as well, and I do try to encourage seizing opportunities for it.

How about your enemies? I like trying to mess around with their heads~ I don't change my demeanor particularly, but I love a good chance to drag them into a battle of wits. If they're someone I seriously despise on account of, say, things they do, I still don't really lose my temper with them or give them to cold shoulder. They're more liable to get a ">=/" from me at worst if it comes up. XP

How far would you go to help the person you love the most? ...There are plenty of people I would never break my back for, I confess. I'm an optimistic sort who wants to live a long, joyous life, and I'd probably just find a way to move on. But there is/are a friend/friends to whom I'm practically joined at the hip. If they needed a massive, rather sacrificing favor, I'd have no choice but to do it... Not only would I be unable to forgive myself if it were that/those person/people, I'd feel... well, incomplete. I'd argue vehemently if it'd cause anyone unnecessary pain, whether theirs, mine, or a third party's, and there was another way, but otherwise, I'd do whatever the people I loved needed me to do within my ability.

To strike a blow against someone you hate? I'd go dancing up to a playful rival for a chance to mess around with 'em, but someone I hate... I'd rather not waste the energy on dealing with someone I find no enjoyment in being around unless they really had something coming. XP

To win someone's heart? "I could be brown~ I could be blueee~ I could be violet skyyy~! I could be hurtful~ I could be purple~ I could be anything you liiiike~!" I don't think I'd have to go out of my way. I'm naturally a flirt. X3 If anything, I'd probably try to catch their eye, turn up the charm, pick their brain, and ask 'em if they'd like to spend some time a bit more, but if they're not even attracted to me, there really isn't a point. XP

To get revenge? I can't even answer that. XD I'm the least vengeful person I know, I've just never felt spurred to it.

How would you react in the face of impending death? Mama, ooh, I don't wanna die! D= I s'pose I'd be regretting everything I hadn't yet done - and be pretty horribly worried about how a certain couple friends would fare without me or if they knew X_X - but, hey, try to face it with a puffed-out chest and a grin, confidently as I could. Nobody knows whether or not anything comes after an apparently lethal situation, anyhoo, unless they've tried it~ I'd just hope there'd be time, naturally, for saying goodbyes. If I had the time and means, I'd likely try to close up business with friends and acquaintances, come up with an excuse, and try to die out of their sight and knowledge.

What if the rug were pulled out from you for the better - just when things looked bleak, everything turned out for the best, the conflict of the situation was resolved with your life intact? *pops the champagne* Cause for celebration~! =3 What else~?

What if on closer examination you were the only one left out of the happy ending - all your friends have whatever it was they wanted but your story was left a loose or unfulfilled end? Congratulate them and ride a high on the joy around me, I suppose. XD I'd be happy for everyone who got something or another out of this. And of course, they're not leaving me out of their enjoyment, anyway, as you did say these are friends who got their happy endings. ;P

What would a happy ending for you entail, anyway? At least another step closer to living life to its happiest and fullest? XD I can't say I can think of one thing in particular I would have wanted to accomplish by a story's end.

When/if you fall in love, it'll be with someone who is... Someone fun, with a sense of humor, cute, who maybe wouldn't mind letting me defend them a bit, entertaining, preferably with a theatrical or musical bent, but perhaps with a serious edge to counter me a bit. XD My matching puzzle piece.


Which of Shakespeare's plays are you most familiar with? Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love's Labour Lost, Hamlet, Macbeth. All the rest are either fuzzy or I missed them. XP

Would you prefer that voters only consider characters from those plays? No, no, consider it a free-for-all~

Do you have a gender preference for stamps? It matters not~

Have a picture of yourself or brief description of your looks? No pictures. X_X But I have slightly long-ish black hair, pale skin, I'm slim and a bit feminine-looking, and you'd probably call me a liar for telling you that my eyes have a violet tint to them.

Anything else? *wave wave*


I had to look them up, but I agree with Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing). I'm not sure if I could explain it much better than scytheweasel did, though! :)