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bardscastrating's Journal

~ Bard's Cast Rating - Shakespeare Rating Comm ~
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A rating community for the plays of William Shakespeare.
Bard's Cast Rating - Open!


1. You must be a member to post. Not hard - membership is wide open, so just hit the Join button and come on in.
2. Keep applications behind an LJ-cut - one comes with the application copypasta, so that shouldn't be an issue, either.
3. You must have voted on every other available application before you post your own, and if none are up, that's fine, just say so. This may be changed later, but for now, it'll assure everyone gets their share of votes.
4. Votes in bold, please! Bold two names at the most if you can't decide on one character for an applicant, but try to narrow it down. Also, after the character's name, indicate which play they're from, as in "You're Helena (A Midsummer Night's Dream)" or "You're Helena (All's Well That Ends Well)" as opposed to "You're Helena." We have to keep all these Balthazars straight.
5. As theatre characters do depend a bit on interpretation/adaptation, let's say we'll stamp an application after five votes of the same character or by majority after eight votes with tie-breaking or double-stamping where necessary according to the poster's preference. This also may be adjusted later.
6. As obligatory proof you skimmed the rules to find this part read the rules, put "All the world's a stage" as the subject line of your application.
7. Try to be honest and thorough when filling out your application! There are so many possible results that it's going to be nigh impossible to figure out who you are if you keep it vague.
8. On the other side, elaborate on the votes you give - with something more than just a name and a few key traits.
9. Behave - we're all here to entertain ourselves, aren't we? Don't go picking fights or insulting the other members. I'm sure you all know how to act.
10. If you're seriously dissatisfied with your stamp, you can go ahead and reapply after a month of receiving it.
11. Even if you haven't been stamped yet, or even if you've already gotten what you came for your stamp, please, keep on dropping by to vote on others! As votes are what rating communities run on, 'twould be much appreciated!
12. Every single character in Shakespeare is a voting/stamping option as long as voters can make a case for them. And since there are loads of options, stamps will be made on a need-to-have basis and located here. Don't worry. They're not going to all be as girly as that example one.
13. Well... that's really it for now. Have at it, everyone!



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